Increase Your Brand Reputation by Listening to Social Content


Your brand reputation translates directly into higher revenue, and nowhere is brand reputation influenced more than online. What is important to understand is that reviews are only one place where brand and experiences are being shared.Get too focused on them, and you miss the off-the-cuff tweet about a great meal, or a complaint to friends about a bed that’s too hard, or a pool that needs some work.

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This social currency, online reputation, directly influences a hotelier’s sales volume: good reputation, higher sales — poor reputation, lower sales. The upshot is that in the hospitality industry, increasing your reputation (and revenue) means listening to social content and basing your business decisions on the feedback you receive from guests. And I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but remember that good reputation isn’t just for high-end establishments. There’s a lot to be said for value for money, and smaller, more modest establishments can often gain the most from careful management of their online reputation.

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Aligning Pricing and Operations for Personalization


Many hotel companies are beginning efforts towards personalizing the guest experience. Hoteliers are banking on personalized treatment being the differentiator that will drive guests to interact directly with the hotel, bypassing third party distributors and their expensive commissions. For most companies this means they plan to use guest’s expressed needs and preferences as well as their behavior to create individualized communications, offers or experiences. From the website through pre-stay planning, on-property activities and post-stay communications, guests should be treated as though the hotel “knows” them. Presumably, information gathered about their reactions to this treatment will be than used to improve the guest experience for future stays.

While on the surface, personalization seems to be strictly in the domain of marketing, when you dig in, it will clearly require a cross-functional effort to properly execute. It would be very easy for marketing, without access to crucial information about demand patterns and operational conditions, to over incentivize guests, put unreasonable pressures on operations, or dilute revenue through excessive discounting. Personalized offers and experiences must not only be relevant and meaningful to the guest, but they have to be profitable for the company. Without a

Your Hotel’s 3Bs Better Business Blogging

Look at any women’s fashion publication, and you’ll see that the Bohemian look is coming back into vogue. This year’s fashion trends are also touting ’70 style jeans with vintage-inspired “repair and restitched” detailing. Hot shoe trends include “flatforms” and blocked heels. And the prognosticators at Pantone tell us that “an eclectic, ethereal mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals take center stage as designers draw from daydreams of simpler times…remembrances of retro delights, folkloric and floral art, and the magical worlds of tropical landscapes restore a sense of wellbeing.” So who cares? Business cares. And they care because what’s new and different (even if it is a throw-back) sells.

Just as fashion has its own look, every industry has its own language that periodically interjects new words into its lexicon. Buzzwords that insiders use to make what they do sound as though it is something new and mysterious. Why? If I were cynical, I would say to sound important; to sell product or services. If I were honest, I’d say the same thing. Computer gurus talk about RAMs, WANs, and gigabytes. Financial experts tout SmallCaps, IPOs, and Leaps. Hoteliers banter back and

Why You Should Consider a Conference Venue with Hotel Accommodation

Why You Should Consider a Conference Venue with Hotel AccommodationIf you have ever looked for a place to host a business conference, or are currently searching for the right venue, you know just how difficult it can be. You have to keep in mind so many different things and know exactly what you are willing to compromise. However, you shouldn’t have to compromise. You never want to end up having to host your conference in an area which is too small for the amount of people or have to book bedrooms miles upon miles away from your location. You want to make sure your people can all get to the conference without having to drive a long way.

Booking Accommodations for Your Venue

You should seriously consider booking a hotel and conference center for your meeting needs. A UK conference hotel is the perfect answer to trying to book rooms and a location. When your rooms are on site, your attendees won’t have to worry about waking up hours early or leaving early just

Exploring Amsterdam, What You Should Know?

What do you think the best thing to make you can have so much fun while exploring Amsterdam? Keep your answer for yourself. However, if you are one among other men who think a pleasure when vacating somewhere is having short relationship with the best girl there, escort girls Amsterdam is the only solution that works. Yes, there is another way,but it has no guarantee, and in most cases, you have almost zero chance to date one that match your expectation. Asking about the things they can do for you? You need only to mention what you need, the agency will make your dream comes true.

Not to mention, you get the best value of your money. Which means, the more you dig your money from your pocket, you can experience not only high quality services, but it also varied. Find yourself trusted and reputable escorts girl agency in Amsterdam through internet. Some options appear like escort24 for instance. What to do next? Get your favorite girl through the site gallery. But, if you want to narrow down the girls options, you can look them based on the reviews that are available there from their

The Benefits of Cycling Holidays

Going on holiday is some of the most fun you can have in a year. Everybody looks forward to a good holiday; it’s a time to rest and recuperate. You can reconnect with family and friends, or spend your downtime alone. The choice is yours. You need to make sure that you are getting all the opportunities in the world to enjoy yourself. For many people that means traveling abroad; for others, it means staying in their own country but exploring it in a new way. There are many ways to explore your home or another country, but cycling holidays are definitely one of the best. People who have gone on these tours often rank them as some of their best holidays. They are personalised while still being fun for a large group of people. You can move at your own pace, set your own agenda, and spend as much time as you like. You also manage to get in some pretty good exercise while you’re at it. They really are the total package.

Moving at Your Own Pace

Booking your cycling holidays via Hooked On Cycling gives you the opportunity to bank on someone

Easy, Delicious, And Natural Beef Recipe For Newly Home Cook

To start cooking, since it is your first time, it is not necessary for you to make everything looks complex. Okay, you perhaps have kind of intention to impress the family member, so then you try so hard. But you know what? If you look further, from something simple, you can cook delicious recipe that will impress your family, even yourself. Now, go nowhere as you will find easy, delicious natural beef recipes that will stun your family. The recipe is started with its main ingredient beef and mushroom, but if your family dislikes mushroom, you can replace it with another vegetable or simply use beef.

Turn to this point, it is all about the additional ingredients that you need for the beef recipes, which are; vegetable oil, butter, black pepper, garlic, onion, leek, mushroom (if you use this), Royco seasoning with beef flavor, soy sauce, and salt. What to do next? Take your beet, put it into a bowl or anything to mix it with some other ingredients like black pepper, garlic, vegetable oil, and Royco seasoning. Pay attention when you mix the ingredient as you need to ensure each part of it well-mixed.

Generating the Perfect Getaway Checklist

For many people, the holiday season is generally not an alternative to traffic congestion and work-related stress. Rather, it is meant to be an alternative to the grinding routine of everyday life. That is, most people are trying to escape the overly scheduled activities of their daily lives, and want to escape to a life of leisure. If this is the case for you, then you need to make sure that your holiday trip is perfect, so that you don’t have to think about anything else while you are away. You’ve worked hard and saved up for a long time, so make sure that you are prepared for your trip. The tips below are a checklist of factors that will help you to create a perfect holiday vacation. So, if you need help creating the perfect holiday checklist, continue reading.

Passports and visas are two of the most crucial items to get in order when scheduling a holiday getaway. Should you be leaving the country, you have to have these. Tickets are also necessary, and if you don’t want to get ripped off, you should book them in advance. A lot of people don’t realize this, but if

Verifying You’re in a Negative Relationship

While you segregate yourself totally from your own personal family as well as also through your pals, that may be an additional sign involving that your current relationship certainly is not healthy. Anyone need your own family along with your pals to make it. You require other thoughts in your own personal life aside from your spouse-to-be’s. So in case you get that they expects anyone to merely spend time period with your pet, all associated with the moment, that is actually a indicator to become careful. Exactly what other items represent an unhealthy relationship?

Another indication of a toxic relationship entails regularly blaming your current partner, or perhaps looking regarding methods to guilt him or the woman for almost everything. Girls, your own partner is usually not usually the individual to pin the consequence on for every thing, he is actually not the particular person anyone should become blaming almost everything on and also vice versa.

While an individual might not really exactly always be lying with regards to where anyone were or even even just where you’ve already been, you possibly aren’t showing the real truth, right? Or perhaps at minimum leaving the actual truth away of the idea

Find The Best Hotel in Malang Here!

Malang is one of beautiful destination to spend your holiday. It is a city of East Java, Indonesia that offers beautifully natural object, foods, and stunning places. If you are going to visit Malang, make sure that you have the best place to stay. It is important to make a memorable holiday in Malang. If you are looking for the recommended hotel in Malang, you can go with Mister Aladin. It is a hotel finder website that leads you to find the best place to stay in Malang. It is all your authority to arrange and find the hotel that suits to you.

It is possible for you to find cheap hostelry in Malang since you can arrange the budget that you can afford to find the one that has good facility. Mister Aladin will inform you the cheapest rates of the hotel available in Malang and you can start with it. It will be easier for you to get the hotel that you can actually afford. In addition, Mister Aladin offers promotion and coupon that will be the bigger opportunity to find the hotel that has lower rates than it should be. The best deal is possible to

Guides To Brussels Escorts Agency

Okay, you have kind of imagination to date the hottest Brussels girl, then what? You have two options when it comes to this, first you can try it by your own, and second, you can rely on Brussels escorts agency to assist you to attract the most attractive Brussels girl as your date. That said, Brussels girls are not easy to approach unless you have uber charm. Thence, if you are not confident about yourself or you simply expect an easy and effective way to attract them to you, the later option is worthwhile.


Escorts agency in Brussels, you may find some options. That is why choosing the right one is pivotal to ensure the level of services that you’ll find. After you look around certain escort agency site, pay close attention toward the things that are offered. Check the gallery to figure out your options. Some escort agencies will do some tricks by photoshoping the picture of their escort girls. To protect yourself from inconvenient circumstance where the picture is different with the real thing. Choose only one that caters you guarantee for the real photo that is displayed through their gallery.


Find also whether the agency provides you

he Travel Pillow And 5 Various Travel Tips Which May Improve The Manner You Take A Trip

Visiting different places is certainly exciting especially if you’re going on a trip on your own or with your loved ones. The countless brand-new and interesting attractions and sounds that you may be encountering the first time certainly will be life altering. Then again, usually there are some factors that will bring about in making the ideal get-away into a nightmare.

To help with making your own travel experience even more of a fantasy and less of a bad dream, we will talk about some of the most fantastic travel cheats that you’ll truly wish you realized sooner. Just before that though, allow us to just simply talk about a brief yet handy strategy that can significantly influence your own comfort and relaxation.

A neck pillow might not exactly look much but this common tool can greatly make it easier to loosen up and maybe even go to sleep on your journey. A superb memory foam pillow can avoid or lessen neck, shoulder and also upper back problems to get a much more comfortable trip.

Should you decide to travel, we seriously recommend that you get yourself a high-quality memory pillow. A memory pillow is definitely better choice in comparison with inflatable or

Enjoy World Class Amenities at Pacific Hotel in Siem Reap

There are few cities which are as beautiful as the city of Siem Reap located on the banks of the River Siem Reap. There are several tourist attractions in the city but the major attraction is the Angkor Wat Temple which is visited by multitudes of people every year. Siem Reap is one of the most prosperous cities in Cambodia where you can spend an enjoyable vacation. Siem Reap has something in store for every tourist, so, you will never get bored when it comes to a vacation in Siem Reap.

Accommodation options in Siem Reap are aplenty. There are several hotels in Siem Reap where you can put up during your stay in this beautiful city. Hotels in Siem Reap are available in all budgets, so you will find one that your taste and pocket easily afford. The Pacific hotel is one such hotel.

Welcome to Pacific Hotel in Siem Reap
Pacific Hotel in Siem Reap, which is situated at the heart of the Siem Reap city, is a beautifully decorated hotel, which is just 5 minutes drive from the International Airport. The hotel location is such that most of the tourist attractions like the temple of Angkor Wat, War Museum

Increase Your Hotel’s Revenue And Popularity With Hotel Wifi And Hotel Internet

People coming from different countries or different cities when staying in a hotel; want to stay connected with their family as well as with their friends all the time. The telephonic connection can sometimes be very expensive especially when you are moving between countries. When you are in a hotel, you will expect and want to receive as much of the benefits as you can from the hotel. With the service of hotel internet, a hotel can increase its worth, can become more popular among the people and increase its revenues too.

The facility of hotel wifi is often demanded by people. They are paying a lot of money to the hotel management for their stay. People consider using an internet as a basis requirement for them. Internet is so common these days that no one can imagine the life without it. Instead of connecting the computers or the notebook computer of the customers through cables or wires for the internet connection, they prefer to have a hotel wifi so that they can use it while sitting anywhere in the hotel.

Also hotel internet can be very useful for the people out for business purposes. They can connect to their work from

Increase Your Hotel’s Revenue And Popularity With Hotel Wifi And Hotel Internet

People coming from different countries or different cities when staying in a hotel; want to stay connected with their family as well as with their friends all the time. The telephonic connection can sometimes be very expensive especially when you are moving between countries. When you are in a hotel, you will expect and want to receive as much of the benefits as you can from the hotel. With the service of hotel internet, a hotel can increase its worth, can become more popular among the people and increase its revenues too.

The facility of hotel wifi is often demanded by people. They are paying a lot of money to the hotel management for their stay. People consider using an internet as a basis requirement for them. Internet is so common these days that no one can imagine the life without it. Instead of connecting the computers or the notebook computer of the customers through cables or wires for the internet connection, they prefer to have a hotel wifi so that they can use it while sitting anywhere in the hotel.

Also hotel internet can be very useful for the people out for business purposes. They can connect to their work from

Hotel Decameron

If you are coming to Panama and looking for a hotel that offers you a truly complete holiday, then your search ends at Hotel Decameron. The hotel has over 800 rooms and swimming pools, spa, beaches, a golf course and much more. With efficient and courteous service a holiday at this hotel is sure to be amongst the best you have ever had.

 When you are looking for an idyllic holiday in Panama you are sure to find the Hotel Decameron high on the places to stay. Most visitors to this wonderful resort swear by it and return to it time and again. What is it that makes the hotel so special and likeable? There are many reasons; lets discover some of the most important ones.

Beautiful Location: The Hotel Decameron is located on the Pacific coast of the country and is just about two hours away from the capital of the country, Panama City. You can in fact come directly to the hotel after you have arrived at the Tocumen International Airport and begin your holiday in style. The hotel sits atop a hill and offers spectacular views of the ocean. It has about 2km of pristine white beaches that are

Las Vegas Girls Only Hot Spot

I can’t sing. But here I am at a karaoke bar in Las Vegas with my normally reserved sister-in-law and her sister, belting out “Sweet Caroline” as fellow patrons wince and my bride-to-be niece, Carrie, squirms in embarrassment.

Those of us at the microphone don’t care. We’re in Vegas, baby! Even my sister-in-law’s 80-something mom is letting loose. Earlier that day, she’d bought all of us tacky necklaces with flashing lights. And when we hit the casinos to play blackjack and roulette, we had a hard time pulling her away from the slot machines. In fact, she was the one who inspired this multigenerational, all-women family trip to celebrate Carrie’s upcoming wedding.

The spa at our resort, the upscale Bellagio, which is famed for its dancing fountains, curtains off an area in its salon for women celebrating special occasions. (You can sip champagne while getting manis and pedis.) For the female shopaholic, there’s everything from the high-end Shops at Crystals mall and the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace to the bargain hunter’s paradise of Las Vegas North Premium

Hotels with smart bracelets

The Tecnalia applied research centre has revolutionised the hotel sector with smart bracelets — the Smart VIB (Very Important Bracelet) that enables clients access hotel rooms without the need for a card, make payments using the PayPal system, share experiences on social networks via the numerous tactile screens, and receive completely personalised services, while at all times guaranteeing protection of information.

These bracelets are available at two of the most emblematic establishments that the Palladium Hotel Group has in Ibiza: Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. This exclusive and pioneering service in the sector has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the hotel group with state-of-the-art companies in the information and communications technologies sector.

Moreover, the Palladium Hotel Group has come to an agreement with PayPal, enabling the incorporation of payment for hotel products and services with the bracelet. All customers acquiring the Smart VIB bracelet or the associated packs (Zen, Ballad and Clubber) can connect with their credit card and use PayPal technology as a method of payment simply by holding their bracelet to the reader. For this it is only necessary to have a PayPal account. This is the first time the

Condado Beach Stay

The recently renovated San Juan Marriott Resort in Puerto Rico is bustling with activity for all ages and close to some of the trendiest districts of the city. Located in the Condado beach area, this beachfront resort features two pools, a fitness center and spa, outdoor yoga classes, and much more.

Impacting Travel

Getting to the resort is easy since it’s just a 10-minute ride from San Juan’s Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. Guests can leave the U.S. in the morning and have lunch by the pool in the afternoon. When a break from the sun is needed, the Stellaris Casino is just off the lobby and is open 24 hours a day.


Earlier this year, San Juan Marriott finished an $8 million guestroom enhancement to all 525 rooms and suites, giving it an upscale, residential feel. Soaring 21 floors, the property has a stylishly cosmopolitan but Caribbean décor. Rooms are spacious (250 square feet or larger) with plenty of space to stretch out and comfortable armchairs. Guests also can relax on deck chairs on their own private balconies.

Public Spaces

The San Juan Marriott is very social from the moment you step through the door. The Red

Christmas and New Year at Vila Vita Parc

Christmas and New Year at Vila Vita Parc

Celebrate the Festive Season at Vila Vita Parc

If you’re searching for an extraordinary destination to spend the festive season, or looking to find an exceptional restaurant for your special celebration meal, then read on….

The Five Star Vila Vita Parc Resort and Spa in Porches was built with supreme luxury in mind. Set on a clifftop, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Resort boasts an outstanding range of top class facilities and aims to provide its guests and visitors with the best possible experience.

This Christmas and New Year Vila Vita Parc has created an excellent programme of events, including a unique New Year Package, designed to be enjoyed by everyone. From hot chocolate by the fireplace and a special visit from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, to the ultimate in gourmet dining experiences and a spectacular firework display to help you see in 2016.

Here’s what’s in store

Guaranteed to put a smile on young faces (and some older ones too) Santa Claus will be visiting Vila Vita Parc at 4pm on Christmas Eve, with a sack full of surprises, plus hot chocolate and cake will be served by the

What to pack for your honeymoon in Italy

You’ve set the date, the arrangements are covered, and you’re ready for the big day… But what about the romantic Italian honeymoon that follows?

You want it to be as wonderful and stress-free as the wedding itself, naturally. For a little guidance, Exsus has compiled the top 10 things to consider when packing for a honeymoon in Italy:

1. Read Italian fiction

A romantic novel set in Italy is the perfect book to read on your honeymoon. Ensconce yourself in Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes, with its vivid descriptions of Italian countryside living. Or there’s Anthony Capella’s The Wedding Officer, Italy’s answer to Captain Corelli’s Mandolin which captures the enduring passion for romance and Italian cooking in Naples.

2. Shoes, shoes, shoes

Italians are the experts when it comes to shoes, so bring your best designer heels for glamorous nights out. Don’t forget sandals to go from beach to bar, comfy sneakers for sightseeing, and hiking boots if you’re climbing volcanoes in the Aeolian Islands. Just make sure you’ve worn in new shoes beforehand!

3. Think elegant, Italian style

Channel Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday with your refined yet relaxed city wardrobe, as you enjoy site-seeing in style. For the beach, make like an Italian

Hotel Art Hidden Treasures in Las Vegas Resorts

Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and James Turrell. Each a master of art, and all on display on the Las Vegas Strip. Priceless art can be found throughout many Las Vegas resorts – think lobbies, award-winning restaurants and even within guest rooms and suites.

Below are a few examples of the breathtaking art located at Bellagio, ARIA and Mandalay Bay. This is just a sampling of art available to encounter at MGM Resorts.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Guests are treated to four of Peter Lik’s spectacular landscape images while checking in at Mandalay Bay. Featuring exotic sights and locations, the images welcome guests to their much-anticipated vacation. From a quiet forest that resembles Shark Reef’s tropical paradise to a clear blue open ocean that reminds guests of the sunny Mandalay Bay Beach, these “welcome signs” entice guests to leave their worldly troubles behind and embrace the peaceful and relaxing moments that await. These remarkable photos are changed four times a year for a customized seasonal greeting.

Fashion and Fine Art

High-end fashion isn’t the only window shopping available inside The Shops at Crystals; shoppers can also enjoy two new art installations by James Turrell, one of the hottest contemporary artists of light and space. Whether fashionistas

Seeking Luxury in London

What does luxury mean to you? For some of us it’s the prospect of exploring some of the UK’s finest historic houses; for others, all it takes is a spa day and a cream tea.

Thankfully, London is the city that offers it all, from royal palaces to tea shops and wellness treatments to suit every traveler in search of a little luxury – here are just a few of our favorites!


When it comes to sightseeing, there are countless ways to see the allure of the city, but in our opinion you can’t get much more out of a day in the city than a walk through the streets – especially with this tour that takes you through all of London’s most glamorous areas, including shopping areas and beautiful little spots to stop along the way for nibbles. If you’d rather take it easy, book a luxury cruise along the River Thames and let yourself be guided through the city on the water as you take in the dazzling lights of the evening skyline.


The great thing about London is that almost every culture in the world is represented here to some degree – so whichever relaxation therapy you’re looking for, you’ll